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Classes at The Barn Yard

The Barn Yard is a place that is dedicated to the continued growth and education of the families that come through our doors.  We have worked diligently to design and implement classes and groups for babies to Pre-K kids and their caregivers. 

Our programs are always evolving so check back often to see what we have to offer for your child! 


The Wonders of Imagination Program

The Barn Yard Caregiver-and-Me Classes are series-based classes that are built to inspire imagination, promote early development, and socialization through stories, song, art, purposeful play, and more. 

Each series is curated with a special theme and mission in mind and creates an opportunity to introduce routines, new activities, and new friends together.  Our class sizes are kept small with a maximum of 10 kids!

The Glow and Grow Program

The Barn Yard is excited to announce our newest offering for our community!! The Glow and Grow Program is a Caregiver-and-Me support focused play group dedicated to our youngest community members.  This program will be curated in a series of 6 classes that will focus on socializing caregivers and their babies as well as offering a support network for all caregivers.  Each week we will explore new topics that will promote healthy discussions about challenges and issues that occur as our families grow and change. 

Moms and Babies

Mini Music Movers
at The Barn Yard

Mini Music Movers' motto is SING LOUD, DANCE proud. We use singing, small instruments, parachute, small stepping stones, bean bags, scarves, recorded songs, exercise moves, dance games, poems and more to support the development of self-expression body self-awareness through the use of group structured music and dance/exercise. Children learn best though playful fun experiences which encourage the use of their different areas of development. Using the knowledge of program design, and the Pennsylvania Early Learning Standards our program incorporates a wide range of skills in each class. With these skills, we focus on supporting each child's ability to share with the world what they are learning though music and exercise. Mini Music Movers is created and taught by Miss Kendra Bonner and we are excited to partner with her and bring this program to the Barn Yard

Dribble Dreamers

Looking to introduce your little one to sports? Dribble Dreamers is an engaging 5 week basketball program dedicate to introducing little skills to growing minds! Dribble Dreamers is designed for children from 3 years old to 5 years old! In this program they will learn how to dribble, pass shoot and play all while practicing team work, and physical development.

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