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To Our Families

We created the Barn Yard to provide a space for families to come together and create amazing memories together.  Our goal was to build a space where a community thrives together and those values and lessons are passed on to our littles through the joys of imagination.   We wanted to have a space where growing families could come and enjoy every stage their babies were at and watch them glow as they learn new ways to use their little minds... 

The Quieter Part of Building Our Families

We know that the greatest joy in our lives as parents is the joy that we see on our littles faces at the most simple things. 

We know the excitement of those two lines on a stick, the acceptance of our adoption request, and the sound of those first heartbeats will forever be a special music note in our hearts.  

We know there is NOTHING better than sticky fingers, chaotic family pictures, and late nights wrapping presents...

We also know there is a quieter side to building our families.

We also know that with every peel of laughter there is an unspoken deep sadness for the laughter that we don't hear.

We also know that there is no greater pain than the loud silence of our babies that we can only carry in our hearts. 

Babies Silent, Honored Loudly

The Adalyn Rose Foundation

We created The Barn Yard so that families had a place to go where their kids can be kids and adults can feel like the weight of the world is not on their shoulders for a moment.
We have been truly blessed to witness so much joy and love come through our space.  We LOVE what we do.
However, we understand that there is a different side of the joy and love that we do not get to witness.

We understand that supporting our families doesn't stop in the joyful moments and it continues in the quieter moments of life.  The moments in life that are sometimes too messy and too painful.
We get it.  We see you.  We are here for you.

The Barn Yard is extremely grateful to share our most treasured resource with our families. 

The Adalyn Rose Foundation serves families grieving the loss of a baby through miscarriage, stillbirth, or during infancy and early childhood. The Adalyn Rose Foundation walks with families through every step of life after baby loss, from the first moments and all those that follow.

The Adalyn Rose Foundation was founded by one of our local mamas and it has grown into something that is profoundly beautiful, loving, and strong.  ARF provides remembrance carts to over 17 hospitals in Pennsylvania (more coming), memorial donations, community events, support groups, care packages, and couples workshops.

They have created a space for families to pursue everlasting wellness and care as they move through life and heal and we
are so blessed to have them as part of our community.

It is our hope that you will find strength, love and support in the moments that you need them. We are here for you, we see you, and we hear the silent laughter.

With Sincere Love,
The Barn Yard

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