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We built the Barn Yard on the principle of every parent needing a place to go where their kids can be kids and adults can feel like the weight of the world is not on their shoulders for a moment. The Barn Yard is perfect for children from 8 years old to crawling infants. Our belief is that, the most important gift we can give our kids is the freedom of imagination. The Barn Yard is a place where kids can come and imagine and feel like they are participating in something bigger than themselves.

It is our goal to make a safe, clean, and enjoyable play space for all of our children to come and play and let their imaginations run wild. The Barn Yard was created for kids but designed with caregivers in mind with a large open play floor and grown-up needs considered in each little detail.

As a parent, I know that sometimes we need to step away from the fun to reset. The Barn Yard has a special place to meet the not-so-fun part of parenting. We have designed a special family room that is a quiet space for caregivers to go with their child to breastfeed, pump (with emergency supplies), bottle-feed, a station to adjust NG tubes (complete with nasal stickers and hooks to hang all of your equipment).  We also have a special sensory room for anyone who needs to take a "minute" with low-lighting, sensory toys, a crash pad and calming ideas.

*Please note breastfeeding is welcome anywhere baby is hungry!!

We offer parties, classes, special events, play time and more throughout the year!

Our main priority at The Barn Yard is to make this caregiving-thing a little more fun and a little less alone. Come in, sit down, and enjoy watching your babies have the time of their lives!!

We are more than just an indoor playground!

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