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Classes at The Barn Yard

We have worked diligently to design and implement classes for babies up to Pre-K kids and their caregivers. We are dedicated to the continued growth and education of the families that come through our doors! Our programs are always evolving so check back often to see what we have to offer for your child! 


The Wonders of Imagination Program

These Caregiver-and-Me Classes are series-based classes that are built to inspire imagination, promote early development, and socialization through stories, song, art, purposeful play, and more!

Each series is curated with a special theme and mission in mind and creates an opportunity to introduce routines, new activities, and new friends together.  Our class sizes are kept small with a maximum of 10 kids! Designed for ages 1-4!

Explore & Learn

Pre-K Ready Program

Our Pre-K Ready Curriculum class is designed to meet the Pennsylvania Early Childhood Education Standards and is perfect for children 2.5 years - 5 years old. Our classes meet twice weekly for 1 hour of independent-focused activity and learning with our teacher. Parents are not required to participate but must stay within the vicinity for prompt pick-up after class. We look forward to helping your child grow and learn!

Art Class

Mini Music Movers

Mini Music Movers is created and taught by Miss Kendra Bonner. We partnered with her to bring this program to the Barn Yard! 


Mini Music Movers' motto is SING LOUD, DANCE proud.  Children learn best through playful fun experiences that encourage the use of their different areas of development. We use singing, small instruments, parachutes, small stepping stones, bean bags, scarves, recorded songs, exercise moves, dance games, poems, and more to support the development of self-expression body self-awareness through the use of group structured music and dance/exercise.

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@ the Barn Yard

We have partnered with Amazing Athletes to bring this amazing program and their coaches to the Barn Yard!
For over 20 years Amazing Athletes has been partnering with schools and communities, helping to set kids on a path to an active and healthy lifestyle by teaching them the basics of sports, health, and nutrition. By introducing kids to a variety of sports and physical activities, we allow them to discover and explore to find what they most enjoy and can pursue as they grow. 

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