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Mini Music Movers

Mini Music Movers' motto is SING LOUD, DANCE proud. We use singing, small instruments, parachute, small stepping stones, bean bags, scarves, recorded songs, exercise moves, dance games, poems and more to support the development of self-expression body self-awareness through the use of group structured music and dance/exercise. Children learn best though playful fun experiences which encourage the use of their different areas of development. Using the knowledge of program design, and the Pennsylvania Early Learning Standards our program incorporates a wide range of skills in each class. With these skills, we focus on supporting each child's ability to share with the world what they are learning though music and exercise. Mini Music Movers is created and taught by Miss Kendra Bonner and we are excited to partner with her and bring this program to the Barn Yard

at The Barn Yard

Mini Movers Classes!!

Classes are registered on a MONTHLY basis!

Registration REQUIRED!!

**Open Play at the Barn Yard is included before & after class!!!**

Fridays (ages 6months - 5 years)

10:00am - 10:30am

10:45am - 11:15am

October dates: 6, 13, 20, 27



$50 for the full month (1 child & 1 caregiver)

$45 for full month sibling

Siblings 0 months to 5 months are free!!!


$80 for the full  month(1 child & 1 caregiver)​

$69 for full month sibling

Siblings 0 months to 5 months are free!!!​

DROP-IN (per class): *Based on availability*


$15 per child (1 child & 1 caregiver)


$28.99 per child (1 child & 1 caregiver)


If your child is sick please stay home.  Due to the limited nature of our classes, we cannot offer make-up classes due to travel, sickness, or other reasons.  There are NO REFUNDS for missed classes!  If you are going to be absent from the class please contact us PRIOR TO CLASS and we will provide you with a play pass for another day. If we are not given notice PRIOR TO THE MISSED CLASS no play pass will be provided!

Make-Up Classes:

Missed Class Due to Teacher Absence:

If our class is canceled due to the teacher of the class being out, the you will get a class pass to another class listed AND you will still have access to the play floor on the date of the canceled class!

Cancelled Class Due to The Barn Yard Closure:

If a class is canceled due to the Barn Yard being CLOSED due to bad weather or other necessary reasons, a play pass for another day will be provided. Class will be cancelled with no Make-Up. 

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